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Guide & Tips for beginners who start play Hay Day game

Hay Day is among the best farming sims readily available on any kind of system, pertaining to iphone in 2012 and also swiftly developing itself as one of the leading freemium video games on the service. Freemium implies that the game is complimentary to download, but is supported by ‘in-app’ acquisitions, where you could purchase products and also upgrades, as well as making development in the video game less complicated, making use of actual diamonds. If you want geat easly more diamonds try this method from, I am sure that this will be really useful stuff for you.


This guide will aim to present beginners to The Essentials of Hay Day, function as an accompaniment which you could refer to while betting information like product stats, level boundaries and so on, as well as ideally provide you with a lot of tips as well as ideas to be the most effective damn farmer you can be! The guide will certainly be included stages as well as updated as brand-new info appears, and also much more areas produced.

Experience factors can be found in the form of blue stars (Experience), which fill up the bar shown at the top of the screen. When gamers have actually collected the variety of required stars the bar resets to 0 and also they change degree (or degree up), which unlocks brand-new items, new functions, and also rewards.


Each structure generates one item at once, after a couple of mins or numerous hours relying on the item. The Mine is the just one which provides products promptly.

Each device has one to three ports at the beginning, which gamers can use to queue things up. When queued, items could not be thrown out or switched.

Production time can be sped up making use of diamonds or by achieving masteries.